October 26, 2021

By Atinuke Nukay/TnTv Network

Why do people attach any unfortunate incident that happens to a woman as being careless or not contended? Especially if it has to do with rape, ritual killings or kidnapping…

Once a heinous crime is committed against the female, questions start to erupt as to why she was there at that particular time or why she was dressed in a certain way…

This is sad and heartbreaking. ..22 years old Vera Uwaila Omozuwa was raped, brutalised and murdered while studying inside a Church in Benin city while Tina Uzekwe was murdered by a trigger happy Police man.

And the next questions are judgemental as to why they should be out or reasons they were doing what they were doing when they were murdered in cold blood.

Photo Credits; Ofestyle Bosh

Culled from their social media pages (Face book)

There are Women who go on business trips and Lodge in hotels. That doesn’t make them indecent.
There are Women who go for business meetings with men with no strings attached.
There are Women who join men to accept lifts from strangers during peak hours where there are tonnes of people waiting to get a ride back home after a hectic day at work.

People living in areas where traffic is heavy during peak hours know the hassle it takes to get a vehicle and must have noticed people who use their private cars as make shift taxis. So should we now start the blame game and name calling when any mishap happens?

Now the point is this; truth be told, some may be due to being covetous and discontented. But not ALL,  not ALL rape, killings should be tied to a lady’s carelessness. 

You have Mothers, Aunts, Sisters, Daughters who do legit jobs. You won’t want them labeled especially when they are Innocent of a general cliché.

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