September 20, 2021

MY NAME IS (For Noroh)

My name is one of numerous black skeletons record breaking census of horror littering bottom of oceans,thrown overboard galleons of slave merchandise.

Sacrificed to the sharks for rebelling against shackles that reduced me and my brothers and sisters to commodities…

My name is Sarah, no not the one in the good book. I am the black one they loved to take a look at in more than one European cage for three years despite my tender age, regardless of my tears…

Credit: Emman Usman Shehu

Emman Shehu Emman Usman Shehu is the Editor of Cavalcade and Dugwe and founder of the Abuja Writers Forum (AWF) at
His poems have been published in several print and online publications, including Okike, Kakaki , Sentinel Poetry, PoetryWales and Stone Throw. He has published three poetry collections: Questions For Big Brother, Open Sesame and Icarus Rising.
He also heads the International Institute of Journalism, (IIJ) Abuja.

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