December 3, 2020

Adekunle Adeniyi/TnTv Network

Nigerians have been charged to sustain the ongoing advocacy for a constitutional restructuring of the country as this is key to the sustainable development that has eluded country for a long time.
A non governmental organization – To Build A Nation   reiterated this during a world press conference in Abuja .

It said rearranging the federal structure will create ways for the federating states and regions to develop at their own pace  
The group also advocate for electoral reform that can provide for  political and civic education to the Nigerian electorate.

Other speakers at the forum advised Nigerians to go get their voters cards enable them actively participate in the forthcoming election while  advising the youths to stop protesting on the road side,as it is not the right strategy to make political change.

The group therefore posited that  true nation-building may not be attainable in the face of  growing ethnic and religious polarization and the worsening rate of extreme poverty among the population.

Watch full video below…

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