September 22, 2021

By Adekunle Adeniyi/TnTv Network

In the wake of the Pandemic which has resulted to countries putting desperate measures to curtail the spread. It has led to the partial and total lockdown of States and environs. This has caused some people their means of livelihood and led to shortage of food and resources for their upkeep.

Some of the palliatives on display

The committee of TYB-IGRCC comprising of Brig.Gen.S S Jiya committee chairman and other members including Brig Gen. G G Shipi, Veronica Muda, Hauwa Adama, Felix Pam, Ayuba Aminu, and Col.Kingsley Nwoko (Secretary) raised substantive amount which was used to provide assorted food items for about 150 Caddies from both club. 10kg of rice, Groundnut oil, Tomato paste, Semovita, Magi, Salt, Spaghetti and Noodles and other relief materials shared for the Caddies at the Buratai Golf Course Mambilla Barack, Abuja on Saturday.

Speaking at the Program, the Chairman TYB-IGRCC, Lt Gen. Lamidi Adeosun said one of the primary focus of TYB-IGRCC vision is positive engagement of youths especially those living in the Barracks to ensure they turn out as a responsible adults.

Lt Gen. Adeosun further stated that towards actualization of the club vision the club encourages the engagement of barrack boys and youths from nearby communities as caddies to introduce them to the golf game and ensure they turns out as a responsible adults.

Lt Gen. Lamidi Adeosun


“The club has the expectations of some of their caddies becoming a professional golfer in the future. In short term the club also serve as veritable avenue for financial benefits to the caddies to support their well being. The total lockdown of club since 28 of march 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic no doubt has impacted negatively on the caddies and their families. It was in that regard that TYB-IGRCC and its sister club GEJ GOLF CLUB constitute up a committee to coordinate the utilization of fund contributed by the members to provide palliative to our caddies.” He said

Brig.Gen.S S Jiya chairman organizing committee for TYB-IGRC/GEJ Golf Club Covid-19 Palliative said the idea of palliative was born when one of their members, Mr Emmanuel Deji brought up the idea.

Brig.Gen.S S Jiya


“We thought it wise and equally chin up with the chief of Army staff about the program of barrack investment and initiative program where our barrack youth boys and girls will be employed by what ever means, a lot of this caddies were seen here today are our children they are the children of our soldiers in the barracks.”

“When they give us golfing services we pay for it, and we record that for the past three weeks now the golf game and the country has been closed so they do not have any means of supporting themselves or their families that’s why we thought of providing these Covid-19 Palliative materials that were contribute by the two clubs thought it wise to support our caddies.” He said

The Caddies also showed their appreciation to the club for the support given to them during the lockdown. They described it as apt, soul saving, organised while practicing social distancing.

One of the recipients of the palliatives

Some of the receipts who spoke to TnTv Network said they never expected such gesture as they were already imagining how they would survive the remaining days of the lockdown. Expressing gratitude to the TYB-IGRCC and the entire committee.

Social Distancing was fully observed during the distribution

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