September 22, 2021

The heart of “Man” is indeed very wicked!!!

Aisha Ibrahim, A 55 year old grandmother, has been arrested by the Niger state Police Command for killing her two years old grand daughter by throwing her into a well. .

According to the suspect, she tied her with a rope and threw her into the well in their compound at Karaya Fulani Camp, Niger state. .

Aisha said that she carried out the action because she has been looking for a way to deal with her daughter-in-law adding that it was a payback for the insults and assaults she had received from her daughter-in-law.

The grandmother saw an opportunity to carry out her act when her son, Bello Ibrahim, and his wife left their child in her custody to attend a naming ceremony in their neighboring village .

“I told my husband to tell his son to divorce his wife but he did not listen to me. My daughter-in-law is fond of insulting and assaulting me all the time and the only way I could pay her back was to kill her daughter so that she will equally feel the pains and agony I have been through.

We have been living in peace as one big family before my son married her, I have 12 children and all of us are living in one compound, she cannot come from nowhere to destroy the family I have suffered for years to keep, it is unacceptable,” she explained.

The suspect who was trailed and arrested while she was trying to escape, said she regretted her action as she should not have yielded to the temptation.

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