April 17, 2021

By Adekunle Adeniyi/TnTv Network

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic shook most part of the world, alot has changed, this includes the tourism industry which was a ever booming Sector of most economies.

TnTv Network had an exclusive interview with the Director and Head of Operations, Competent Travel Mate Ltd Abuja Nigeria. Mr Oluwaseun Ajayi – Kehlz popularly known as Travellord. He spoke on how well tourism business is coping post covid…


Q: How has your company been able to cope during the covid-19 pandemic and now owing that your company deals with a lot of clients who travel both local and internationally?

We all know that travel & tourism industry was one of the world’s greatest market until the Covid 19 pandemic hit the global economy.it is quiet clear that traveling is the most entertaining way to meet strangers and explore new places if the route is free of illness,crime and catastrophes.

During this crisis worldwide travel traffic has come to a standstill because any Countries prohibit foreigners from entering the country and close there external borders.it is not possible to estimate the extent of the economic impact of this pandemic outbreak because the course and duration of the outbreak are still unknown and cannot be predict.

Since the quarantine introduction to the world millions of job in the global tourism sector were lost due to flight,hotel and event cancellations. This therefore affect industry of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences ann exhibitions(MICE) which mostly contribute to the global economic growth. But we should not forget that global economy and tourism industry has experienced similar significant event in the past , whether it’s flu pandemic, political instability in the country or economic recession.

The tourism industry is no stranger to this economic downturn and adversity surrounding each events.while many of the threats have significantly affected in the past, history shows that the travel and tourism industry is always been resilient and is excellently bouncing back to his glory soon.

It’s true that all travel industry felt the effects including airlines,hotels resorts , Cruise lines and travel Consultants. It is significantly a tough time for travel and tourism industry as a whole but I am so confident there is silver lines ahead.

So during the course of finding way out around travel and hospitality industry, Competent Travel Mate Ltd introduced two powerful products * Staykweek – a platform that allows exploring locally with memorable experience. you can check the product site “www.staykweek.com” & School Of International Intelligence Studies Program (SIIS) a platform that expose everyone to International recognition either through studies or trade business.

Nigerians have been through a lot in 2020 most especially we the youths, from loss of job to school closure, and End Sars protest that left many nigeraans in a long term devastated mood. We flag those two product -Staykweek & School Of International Intelligence Studies Program (SIIS) to bring hope for our youths and also attract International recognition through our exclusive destinations places to visit in Nigeria for private tour experience.

I’m so glad today not only because I added another year to my age but the values I contributed to the nation through tourism promotion and International exposure given to Nigerians through our visa support study programs.

Oluwaseun Ajayi (Director and Head of Operations, Competent Travel Mate Ltd Abuja Nigeria)

Q:Do you think the industry can thrive as it used to before?

The travel industry is bouncing back from Corona Virus Outbreak because there are lots of countries reopening there border now. The Nigeria tourism Industry Is bouncing back also because Our border had been reopened since Sept 2020 .. Although not to all Countries for now and it’s strictly on business visit and family relocation.

There were numerous loses recorded at the pick of the Covid 19 outbreak in travel industryin 2020. Some of it were International Bookings that went down drastically in Africa, Many Jobs were lost and those being luckily retained couldn’t get a complete wages from March to July 2020, infact till now we still have some companies in travel and hospitality industry downsizing in Nigeria due to the outbreak. Infact, ticket sales and tour packages went down significantly and that make it difficult to meet up Bi-Monthly obligation to IATA during 2020.

I would say our industry is bouncing back now globally from the outbreak. I could recall that Airbnb recently surpassed over 50millions booking in a month globally since March 2020, According to the Company director. This proofs that recent border reopening across the globe is attracting more traveler again. It has become such a normal part of life to travel , we just have to go back to it. Most of young people in particular lives to travel in nigeria., spending their money not on housing or cars but on their next trip.

Sometimes you ll see some people saying their hobby is travelling and exploring. Moreover every traveler becomes bored after a period of not travelling and their productivity drops when they cannot explore. I AM VERY SURE THAT WE ARE BOUNCING BACK BUT GRADUALLY MAYBE BUY 2023 WE WOULD BE FULLY BACK

What exactly does your company offer?

Competent Travel Mate Ltd just introduced two products

  • Staykweek – a retreat platform design for traveler or people who are tired of daily routine and eager to reconnect to who and what matter most to them.You can have a getaway within your locality through the platform.

  • School Of International Intelligence Studies (SIIS). – the platform is design to expose everyone to International trade business and study programs that help in building career. Many traveler are now seeking ways to avoid spread of covid 19 and yet engage in what they love doing, so next option for every tourist is serviced Apartment over hotel because they are more spacious as opposed to the hotel rooms. They offer more privacy and they are more cost-effective as there are no hidden cost in bookings unlike hotel rooms .

On the SIIS benefit to tourist.. They can now trade without travelling far with the help of our logistics connection across the globe. And for those intended to study or relocate abroad, the platform is there to assist.

Many Hospitality operators In Nigeria and Abroad are now benefiting more as we have brought all the “Serviced Accommodations, Office Space, Event to catch-up within the locality” into One portflio .. Visit. www.staykweek.com

And for Studies And Trade Business Development In Nigeria we have partnered with several International schools and logistics company to ease the burden of travel

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