September 20, 2021

A lot of women are suffering and going through emotional pain just to hold on to that title “ Mrs”. Its psycological.

“The term “Mrs” makes alot alot of women feel accomplished. A man has always been “MR” all his life. Even from when he was a 13year old boy, A man has been called ” MR”. A lady who has been Miss most of her life goes through the following:

“(1) While she was ” Miss” her firends who became “Mrs” cut her off.

“(2) Society neglects and mocks her because she’s a miss. When she finally becomes a “Mrs” her “id” (Insinctive Impulses) does anything to protect that title “Mrs” even if it means :

“(1) Accommodating Infidelity

“(2) Physical Abuse

“(3)Emotional Abuse… If a marriage doesn’t work society sees it as her fault that she couldn’t keep a home. The value of a single father is more than a single father is more than a single mother in the eyes of the society. Ladies please change the narrative and enjoy your life. 90% of Nigerian women would rather be “Mrs” and depressed than Miss and happy. Don’t let “Mrs” define your happiness.”

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