September 22, 2021

Adekunle Adeniyi/TnTv Network

The Executive Director of KNCV (Nigeria) Dr, Odume Bethrand says despite the significant progress over the last decade, Tuberculosis also known as TB remains world deadliest infectious killer disease and required assurance and efforts to end TB epidemic globally and in Nigeria. 

Dr Odume further stated that Global effort to combat TB have saved an estimated 58millions life’s since the year 2000 and reduce the TB mortality race by 42%.

Excerpt; “In 2018 about 1.4millions people globally die of TB related causes including over 205,000 children. And over 95% of TB deads occurs in the low and middle income countries especially Africa. Nigeria is one of the country with the high burden of disease globally.

The theme of the world TB day 2020 is “Time to end TB in Nigeria”. It put assent on the urgency to act on the commitment made by the global leader as UN high level mission in New York and this commitment were made to scale up TB access to prevention and treatment, good accountability ensure significant sufficient and sustainable financing including for research. Promote and ends the stigma and discrimination against TB and people affected by TB. 

And promote an equitable right base and people center TB responds. Each day nearly four thousand five hundred people’s lose their life to TB and close to thirty thousand people fall ill with this preventable and curable disease.”

Hon. Sarki Dahir, speaking on the deep hole Tuberculosis have caused in Nigeria, urged relevant stakeholders to work together to be able to end TB in Nigeria. Hon. Dahir said; with the activities of the Parliament on TB, the challenge of low awareness about the disease, poor funding for TB program and services will come to an end. 

According to Hon Dahir; “This is the first world tuberculosis day since the ninth assembly was inaugurate on 11th of June 2019 am happy to be here to support the effort of all stakeholders to work together to end TB in Nigeria.’

While assuring that the House will do everything possible to end Tuberculosis in Nigeria. While making sure that all the 360 members of house of representative will buy the Tuberculosis Testing machine each for the constituency representing and will be using by the expert.

It will interest you to know that the commemoration of the world TB day of this year will be on 24th of march to raise public awareness about the devastation, the social economic and health impact of Tuberculosis.

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