October 17, 2021

Stop taking advantage of Aunty Ramota’s greed, or face legal action. Aunty Ramota’s Manager cries out.

Ramota’s Manager took to her social media pages to warn people taking advantage of Aunty Ramota.


Details here…

“Was thinking if i should write this or not since yesterday but i realised this nonsense must stop and i must also protect myself and save my name.

Ikorodu people are fond of one thing, just because they know Aunty Ramota’s house, they just go there to pick her out or record her.
Yesterday i was in the office when someone called me that they see Aunty Ramota with someone inside Idumota Market and people gathered round her. I was shocked and felt bad coz the previous day i was at their house, i gave them all they need and evem give Aunty Ramota extra money to keep her away from the street coz she likes going into the market anytime she is broke to beg so i always make sure she gets enough to prevent her from begging again. But seems Aunty has ojukokoro. I came back from work to ask her who took her to Idumota from Ikorodu without my knowledge and she said One slay Ramsberry or Ramosberry that people were now giving her money and cloth inside the market. The same Ramsberry that never looked her side when she was roaming the street but now that i picked her and packaged her Ramsberry has the gut to take her without the knowledge of anyone and carry her to Idumota Market to beg without her parents knowing talkless of the manager. I reported to my lawyer anyway, and steps has been taken coz i am dealing with Aunty Ramota legally.
Now anyone that is seen with her or take her out without the consent of the Manager will be dealt with legally coz enough is enough. This is not even the 10th time that this will happen, i have just been keeping quiet over it but i cant keep quiet no more. Assuming something happened to her yesterday, they will remember she has a manager or hold Manager responsible for it coz nobody knows where she was taken to and when they took her. Aunty Ramota too is very greedy and stingy, thats my problem with her but am coping. For her to now start following every dick and Harry is a bigger issue. Thank God for our second Ramota coz i am facing a whole lots of hell from Aunty Ramota side. This is just for the public to know coz anyone may want to come and pick her again but remember there’s law biding her now. Thank you”

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