October 17, 2021

A famous Abuja based On-Air-Personality, Samuel Nzeh Also known as Uncle AJay (Omni-Towncrier) an On Air Personality with Love FM, Abuja played a prank proposal on his heartthrob and long time girlfriend, Juliet Ahanonu.

The Prank

The O.A.P had already planned with friends to help stage an accident scene where it would look like he is being intimidated with the aim to catch the attention of his girlfriend since it was staged at the from of her office. 

The proposal

It played out as it successfully drew the attention of his girlfriend who came to calm both parties when she noticed it was her boyfriend that was involved.

The quarrelling and accident scene which caused serious gridlock lasted for close to 10 minutes. 

At the peak of the argument, Samuel Nzeh went on his knees and proposed to Juliet Ahanonu who was shocked that she has been pranked all along without her slightest notice. The crowd too was not left out as all of them were surprised and filled with joy after she accepted the ring.

Samuel Nzeh and Juliet Ahanonu

Samuel Nzeh is also the anchor of popular Omnibus Human Right/Humanitarian Program and Tori Wowo 

Friends and well wishers

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