October 22, 2021

By Lanre Oloyede

Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu has reiterated that the deployment of science, technology and innovation to nation building is crucial to rediscovering the long desired greatness of Nigeria.

Onu stated this Thursday at the inspection of facilities being put in place for the hosting of the forth coming National Science, Technology and Innovation Expo bid to hold in Abuja from 16th to 20th of March, 2020.

The minister, who reiterated that Nigeria is so blessed with abundant natural resources such as solid, liquid and gaseous minerals together with favorable weather and arable land for agriculture, regretted that we have not been able to use our intellectual capability to convert all these abundant resources into products for the need of our everyday life simply because we have not been able to effectively deploy science and technology for the development of the abundant resources.

He averred that if the country can effectively deploy science, technology and innovation combined with the abundant natural resources, Nigeria will become a leading nation in the world and “we would be in a position to create enough wealth for our nation and for Nigerian citizens.”

The annual event which started since 2016 was designed to provide a platform for inventors, innovators and researchers from all over the country to showcase their intellectual capability in terms of science and technological innovations as well as provide a meeting point with investors who could take interest in commercializing some of the inventions.

“By this expo, we will provide a very rare opportunity for all inventors and innovators as well as investors to come together in one place. Very often, it is difficult to have this, because most times, inventors don’t have the resources to commercialize their inventions but if there is a way to link up the investors with the inventors and innovators, then, we would be in a position to make sure that the ideas that will spring up in the head of very talented Nigerians can be moved up to the market place and can become products that will help us meet our everyday need,” Onu stated.

He continued, “Nigeria has for so long depended on commodities and we have seen the problem associated with doing so. These commodities, we don’t even have control over their prices in the international market, and so, when there’s a sharp drop, our economy suffers and we enter recession.

“That is why the federal ministry of science and technology is leading the way to make sure our economy is no longer dependent entirely on commodities.

“We can no longer rely on them entirely, going forward, we are now going to rely on knowledge using our human brain which is the greatest resources God has given us.”

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