September 22, 2021

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While informed decisions regarding sex are extremely important, we also think that sex should be fun.  So, whether you want to switch things up with a long-term partner or are just adventurous by nature, here are our top 25 ways to spice up your sex life tonight.

1.  Get out of bed.  A change of scenery is one of the simplest ways to keep a sense of novelty in your sex life.  These students definitely found some creative places on campus.  Public indecency aside, some popular favorites include on a couch, desk, armless chair, or testing your balance against a wall.  But be mindful of roommates, please!

2.  Make eye contact.  Focus on making eye contact with your partner in (or out of) bed.  While you don’t want to have a staring contest, making eye contact when you feel particularly confident will instantly transfer that energy to your partner.

3.  Get a new point of view.  Do the deed in front of a mirror.  Watching yourselves in action is a surefire turn-on, without risking a sex tape being posted online.

4.  Keep your clothes on.  Try only removing key pieces of clothing. Unzip his fly instead of removing his pants, or push your underwear to the side instead of removing it.  It may seem silly to think about, but that kind of need-you-now urgency can make your session seriously hot.

5.  Play show and tell. This one requires a little restraint from your partner.  Under his/her watchful eye, use your own hand to show them where you like to be touched and how.  Then have him/her try, being sure to communicate what feels good.

6.  Try blind oral. Blindfold your partner before performing oral sex, using an actual blindfold or a discarded piece of clothing.  Inhibiting his/her sight will make all the other senses hyper-alert, and not knowing what you will do next will heighten anticipation.

7.  Saved by the bell.  Set a timer for 30 minutes and don’t touch one another anywhere that would be covered by a bathing suit until the timer goes off.  Though that may seem like a long time, letting the anticipation build will only improve your experience.

8.  Look, no hands!  Don’t touch your partner with your hands for the entirety of a session.  Instead, explore each other’s bodies with your lips, skin, and breath.

9.  Play sexy trivia.  If you have a significant history with your partner, take turns asking one another questions about your time together.  Try “Where was our first date?” or “When was our first kiss?”  If he/she answers correctly, you have to remove an article of clothing.  If you stump him/her, their clothes come off.

10.              Give sex dice a roll.  We’ve all seen those dice that tell you “[action] a [body part].”  Try making your own.  Together, list your 6 favorite sex acts for one die, and decide who gives and who receives on odds and evens for the other.  Take turn rolling the dice and enjoying your favorite moves.

To be continued….

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