April 11, 2021
Raunchy Talks

RAUNCHY TALK! Have your say: Is a girl cheap and used for having sex with someone she is not committed with?

Read what she wrote;

I’ll do what I want with my body and if you slut shame me, I will find you and well, f**k you.

I’m not understanding this concept of people being “used” when related to sex. The last time someone suggested a guy was using me. I was left laughing at her naivety and ignorance.

I had met this guy on my way back from work while waiting for a taxi. He offered to chauffeur me home and I didn’t say no because I was tired and had been standing on my feet for long. It was one of those fuel scarcity seasons when taxi and bus drivers charge exorbitant fees and still none was coming my way so, I took a hop of faith into his Toyota.

He drove me home and took my contact. I didn’t reject ‘cos he was handsome and I was already attracted.
We got talking and texting which led to several date nights and eventually we were having sex.
No, he didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend and I didn’t want to be his girlfriend either. I wasn’t looking forward to being in a relationship then and so was he.

One romantic Sunday, while at his place, his sister came around and we were all watching a Tyler Perry movie and the discussion came up.
She wanted to know why I was “doing things” with her brother even though he wasn’t my boyfriend.
She said I was letting myself down and insisted that ladies who has sex with men they aren’t committed to were being used by the men and therefore, her brother was using me.

I knew she meant well and all so I wasn’t offended.
I explained to her that neither her brother nor I were using each other. Our relationship was mutually benefiting and nobody was deceived into thinking the other wanted a relationship.
I don’t believe a lady is cheap because she is giving up cookies without being in a relationship.

If you care to look at it squarely, you should wonder why the guy is not also sitting in a corner of the bed feeling cheaply used. You should wonder which economic council declared you cheap. You should wonder who was buying and who was selling… and most importantly, you should wonder who the fuck is the product in question.

#SocialFaculty #SlutShaming 💕 🌸

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