July 27, 2021

Four policemen, met their untimely death at a checkpoint along Uzzebba road, Sabongidda Ora in Edo State.

According to reports, the assailants hid in the bush and waited till the officers resumed duty. While the driver of the police van was trying to park, the killers opened fire on them and later set them ablaze.


Two of the casualties are identified as one Inspector S.E who was set to retire soon and one Sergeant Christian.

Here is how another source is reporting it:

Four police officers including one sergeant Christian (pictured below) were attacked and killed by unknown assailants yesterday in Sabongidda-Ora, Edo state. According to an eyewitness, Oliha Collins, the attackers laid ambush in a bush as they waited for the policemen to resume duty at their check point.

While the driver of the police vehicle was trying to park in a get way position, the hoodlums came out of their hiding place and opened fire on the policemen.

To be sure the officers were really dead, the attackers set them and their vehicle on fire before fleeing the scene.

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