July 27, 2021

Following the news about DJ Xgee’s Suicide and other series of suicide stories that has been making rounds in the media. Nigerian Lady who goes by the name Trish, shares her though about depression, social media and mental health.


Her Post;

Okay Guys, lemme quickly share a conversation I had with 5 amazing ladies yesterday, following news of the suicide of DJ xgee

And this conversation is on the need to *guard our minds*
Guard your minds jealously. Be very delibrate and intentional about the thoughts you let settle in your mind,
About what you spend your time discussing.

In these days, when stories of people killing themselves are awash on Social Media, there’s a need to be delibrate in our interactions, and conversations.

Personally, I believe the devil is seriously attacking people’s minds….The battle is also spiritual as well as physical.

The Devil never let’s people rememeber all those who love and care for them, or what they have or have accomplished, only what is lacking!!

I know depression is a real illness, but I also know that we are subliminally influenced by what we expose ourselves to!! Comparison is the theif of Joy!!

Nobody has it all figured out.

Be very careful with what you fill your days with.

Remember that most people ain’t as happy as they portray on Social media!! They have just decided to live their lives the best way they can, so please don’t compare lives

Avoid toxic people and situations and remember to speak positivity into your life every morning. This is very important!! Speak it… use your words… they are powerful!

Seek out those who you can truly talk to freely, not *frenemies* would use your pain to mock you behind your back and cause you more pain!

Please guys,

Guard your Minds!!
The Devil is not letting up… and we shouldn’t either.

These are perilous times.

Please make a conscious decision to radiate positivity!!!

Good morning Folks 🌺🌺🌺

IG: @Lovely3sha

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