July 27, 2021

Hmmmn, hope she has good qualities to give back in return….


Nigerian Lady Looking For A Husband, Says He Must Be A First Class Graduate And Also Have A Very Good Government Job
A Nigerian lady looking for a husband has revealed the qualities he must poses before they can get married. The lady identified on Twitter as @WitWinnie, says her lucky man must be a first class graduate and also have a very good government job. She also listed that he must be well raised, feminist, calm and collected, among others.
She wrote:
1. First Class (Academically/Thoughts)
2. Street Smart
3. Feminist
4. Well-Raised
5. Fixer
6. Very good Government Job or Multinationals)
7. Kind and humble
8. Calm and Collected (I hate talkatives. I love very intelligent listeners. They listen to grab, dissect and drop.
9. Fears God. That’s it!!! So simple and easy. As for riches, don’t worry! It will come. If you don’t have sense, no matter the plenty money…you will never be the father of my children! I don’t have strength to be shouting. This list isn’t for you people on here! Just 10% of men on Naija twitter fit in here. The lady also defended the qualities she listed saying: ‘For the very shallow men, please do not make this about gender war. This is me saying what I will have and not about anyone. Trust me, I have qualities mentioned there. Did you see “super cute, tall, six packs?” Nah! Why? Because not important to me. Don’t chat shit here. Lastly, yes I have dated these kinda men, dating and still have these kinda men as friends and family. So I know what I’m saying. Don’t tell me I’d have to mould them. They are in my life. My world is not your world’

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