May 11, 2021

By Lanre Oloyede

As the country marks 60 years of independence from colonial rule,  Nigerians both in leadership positions and citizens as a whole have been urged to learn to emulate the culture of patriotism, which is the bedrock for success in every society. 

This call was made by the Patron, Unveiling & Rebranding Nigeria Initiative, Amb. Hassan Ardo Tukur as part of the statement to mark the nation’s 60th independence anniversary.

Amb. Tukur stated that Nigeria is blessed with human and other natural resources that can be harnessed for potential growth and development in all spheres of her existence.

He noted that despite the negative impression portrayed about some few Nigerians across countries of the world, more Nigerians have also contributed immensely to the growth of many several developmental policies of different economies, as well as creating innovations that had contributed positively to those countries.

Tukur therefore called on Nigerians at 60, to respond to the call for patriotism and nationalism, which, according to him, would enhance and strengthen our democracy and a better economy for our dear nation.

“The call for patriotism is a clarion summon to loyalty to one’s society. All over the world the sole mantra for growth and development of any nation balls down to this concept, as it will be inconceivable to have any enclave of people without contribution towards achieving their ultimate goals.

“Some countries have been termed developed and the foundation arose from patriotism of the leaders and citizens of such countries. 

“Talking about non-patriotism would be the same tale of a house divided against itself.

“Since her amalgamation of the north and south by Sir Lord Lugard in 1914, several founding Fathers like; Dr. Herbert Macaulay, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Sir Tafawa Balewa, Ahmadu Bello, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, amongst others, fought tirelessly to build the Nigerian nation as one single entity. They all achieved their goals of building an entity in what has today become Nigeria on October 1, 1960.

“However, since 1960 till date, the country has been grappling with socio-political, religious, economic and other aspects of life through transition of various government to include several military intervention in the polity of the country after a bloody civil war that disrupted the democratic dispensation of the founding Fathers of our democracy.

“Basically, we commend all the governments from 1960 till date on the efforts made towards enhancing the livelihood of Nigerians, mostly the youths, who are the live wires of the society. Evidences of these can be noticed from the Social Intervention Programmes, SIP and other policies that would redeemed the status and image of the country in all aspects.

“As such, we as citizens hold it a duty to protect the integrity of nation building by abiding with all the essential demands of our great country,” he said.

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