October 17, 2021

Nollywood  Actress Regina Daniel, penned down a note to her father who appeared after a long time of being a deadbeat father. Demanding bride price from after Regina tied the knot with 59year old husband Ned Nwoko. 

Her post…

“Suddenly,   he appeared over how many years claiming to be my father, well he Has no right to take my Dowry.

My mum Ms Rita Daniel, was really concerned when my father publicly reacted to my wedding and said his consent was not sought by the my Husband Ned Nwoko.

My Dad claimed my hubby Ned Nwoko is older than 59. He said he knows this because he and my husband Ned grew up together. He added that it was wrong for him to go over his head and get married to me.

The various interviews granted by my Dad Mr Jude were distressing for my mother And she reportedly panicked.

Well ,anyone can insult my mum for all I care, I have made my choice and I think its left for all of you haters to Drink water and mind your businesses.

My mum is currently in Abuja with I and my beloved Husband NED, her new son in-law and she will be traveling to Dubai soon to cool off.
#Betterlife ahead.

Regina Daniels

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