September 20, 2021


I overheard some guys at a bus park talking about “burantashi”, they said it enhances your sexual stamina by 10 times, so as a very social individual, I was able to converse with a Northerner there to purchase some for me, I bought a nylon bag full of the “bark” which was to be boiled , the northern warned me to take not more than one cup for “whatever” I intend to use it for, I boiled the bark as directed when bae was coming over, I took a cup but I did not feel different after 5 mins so I decided to take another and half, lo and behold, ten minutes later my eyes were seeing light blue color , my nervous system was less reactive and my “joystick” was at a strength never seen before, it had the same rigidity as an iron rod and looked double its natural erect size with veins protruding from all angles , when I touched it, I noticed that I could feel my hand only on the skin and my inner tissue was unaware of my hands location, after the “PHILANDERING” with bae, she slept of due to exhaustion but I COULD NOT, in fact the over 7 hours of intercourse did not soften it to his natural size, I had to put ice block on it for close to two hours just to reduce it to a semi erect state, from my experience, this aphrodisiac is not to be messed with, it has power beyond what it is said to have.
Have you ever had any experience with BURANTASHI? Please share with us.

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