July 27, 2021
The only way to be set free is to know the truth and accept it no matter how bitter it tastes
Many of us still try to justify MASTURBATION cos we are guilty of it, but the truth is that MASTURBATION is more evil than fornication, take it or leave it, it’s a mental sex.
Disadvantages of masturbation.
• You get mentally disturbed.
• You prefer to live alone which is not good at all.
• You become introvert.
• You become a pervert.
• You start living indoors.
• You lose concentration on work and studies.
• You lose calories.
• Your skin becomes dry.
• Your cheek goes inside.
• You don’t get proper sleep if masturbation becomes an addiction.
• You start aging.
• Your eye sight starts diminishing.
• You’ll have gas problem.
• You start getting tummy.
• You become thin.

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