August 2, 2021

An IG user @the_eventguy has called out a police officer who allegedly extorted N20,000 from him in Osun state on June 8th. Posting a screenshot of the bank alert from the bank transfer he did and the photo of the Police officer, the victim wrote: Let the Whole world know this criminals who call themselves police men, a member of IGP Squad, Osun State command, Osogbo… Young people who work so hard to make money are no longer safe as these guys now unofficially go around abducting people in the name of the hunt for Yahoo boys take you to strange places and make you pay for your release… I was able to take a photo of one of them as I was making a transfer to his account for my release. This happened on the 8th of june just around lameko in Osogbo. Please tag till the appropriate authorities see this.

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