May 11, 2021

By Tunde Imolehin

After the Guber election of yesterday, there are clear indications that there will be continuity in the governance of the Sunshine State as from February, next year. However, this uncommon feat by the man popularly called Arakunrin did not come easy. Many take aways and I would like to mention a few (for now)…


Akeredolu was a national figure before his emergence as Governor in 2016. Apart from serving as the State’s Attorney General in the past, he is seen as one of the best (if not the best) President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA). Many professionals who shy away from politics because of the perception that it’s an ugly and dirty venture will begin to have a change of mind with Akeredolu’s reelection. This is a plus to the Democratic process.

TRUTH is Sacrosanct:

Many have accused, others have also sympathises with Akeredolu because of his passion for the truth and being to blunt and straight forward. This is because many believe that to succeed in politics, you must be tricky, diplomatic and patronising. the pressure to behave like “a typical Nigerian politician”, Akeredolu has remained ” adamant”. He maintained his stand and defended his policies based on facts and figures and true conscience. Those who are scared of embracing politics because of the danger of “speaking truth to politics” will be encouraged and our Democratic process is better for it.


Democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people. AKEREDOLU’s decision to prioritize the welfare of the people and work for the people has paid off. It is evident that his great strides spoke for him. There is a general and popular belief that Akeredolu deserved a second term because of the quality and quantity of work done in the state during his first tenure in office.

One with GOD is MAJORITY:

Son of a clergy and a Chancellor of the Anglican Church, not a few would have been surprised if Akeredolu did not take GOD to Alagbaka. He did. And GOD paid him back. OLUWADUROTIMI. True to his first name, GOD stood by him, despite the forces against his second term.

Many more Lessons

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