October 17, 2021

A cross-section of Commercial sex workers in Lagos have revealed that they prefer doing business with married men than with single men and they explained why.

They admitted that they have sex with both married and single men but said the greater number of their customers are married men and they prefer them to the single ones.

PM Express visited brothels and hotels in Agege, Idimu, Shasha, Mushin, Ikotun, Igando, Yaba, Ejigbo, and other areas in Lagos to conduct the research and some of the sex workers were all too willing to speak.

One of the ladies simply known as Jenifer, who works as a sex worker in Shasha area of Lagos, said that most of her clients are married men. She said that even though she collects good money from them, she still pities them as their wives are not taking care of their emotional needs at home.

She narrated that one of her clients opened up and complained that he got married some years ago and they had three children. But that since then, the wife has practically abandoned him and faced the children without knowing that he needs care as well as the children.
Jenifer said that as a graduate, she knew what those men needed and they were not getting them in their different homes. She then worked on them and as a result, they stuck with her and have been paying reasonable money, unlike the single men who came with many fake stories. She further narrated that she has three regular married clients and whenever they come calling, she makes sure that she treats them well. She said that she usually spends good time with them, chats them up about life in general, and then attends to their sexual needs which they lack in their homes and at the end, they pay her reasonable money.

Another sex worker, who gave her name as Grace, revealed that married men are preferable because they are more considerate and appreciate the workers more than the single men who may not want to pay at all or pay less.

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