September 20, 2021

MAJ. DR. AKU A. AMBOSON FSS (RTD)/Head Of News TnTv Network

The unexpected happened on the night/early morning of 15/16/02, 2019 when INEC the Electoral Umpire at 2:30am Saturday Febuary 16, 2019 announced the postponement of the Presidential/National Assembly and the Gubernatorial/State Houses of Assembly elections thus throwing spanners unto frail nerves – a self inflicted injury and flagellation on the psyche of Nigerians who have been unabashedly waiting to cast their votes. For some, it was a hidden agenda properly conceived and concealed by the Presidency and INEC – leaving a spectral of speculations and anxiety on stakeholders.


Barely some few hours the Chair of INEC proffered the reasons for the cancellation – a vexed and disappointing conundrum on; logistical and other sundry problems which for four (4) years they could not solve, but made the nation believed they were capable and ready without deputation to conduct a free, fair and acceptable elections – confirming self inflictive and incompetence on the part of INEC after having been given full money meant for the exercise.

Disappointingly also, from the above is how Ad-hoc Staff recruited from the NYSC and other graduates and international/local observers were left out in the cold without proper accommodation/feeding arrangement on that night thus confirming INEC as being un-serious, ill-prepared and lacking the necessary leadership to conduct such a huge election given a period of four years from 2015 to 2019. Businesses got shut up – who can count the losses?


Time got wasted as civil servants and interested individuals who had registered and had their PVCs trooped out for the national civic responsibility. The postponement is a national disgrace weighing the timing and unpreparedness of the INEC as an institution shouldered with such huge trust. On the other hand, a distraction and disgraceful comment by the Governor of Kaduna State has added another ugly face to the ongoing confusion which sources confirmed; as one of the many “Voices of Jacob and hand of Esau” to help torpedo the 2019 election because of Selfishness, greed and the fear of failure to achieve their needed electoral desire.


Time will tell. With the postponement many issues are already on the burner – security of the electoral materials, manipulation by interest groups or the ruling party/opposition party, and other stakeholders as security agencies may be used to create fear which could disenfranchise those prepared to go out to vote on the 23 Feb and 9 Mar, 2019 respectively.


The questions are: Where are we heading to? And what does Nigeria want to present to the global community by her self-inflicted and incompetence Leaders in global affairs? Can all these be redeemed? Only time will tell as we wait for the chicken to come to roost. The hidden agenda craftily planned and executed will then surface. Blaming the Nigerian Air force and the CBN for its failure has become a usual and a petty way our political leaders have adopted when they are faced with serious challenges in which it is a confirmation that they do not have any AGENDA/or program for the people but themselves. God intervened for Nigeria and Nigerians.


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