October 22, 2021

Mehnnnnn I’m scared of people in Nigeria. Imagine I saw dis post on @instablog9ja and many people are happy he was shut to death. You don’t laugh at the death because you don’t know the death coming for u. His own case was that he was shut abi ?

Yours might be car a accident, fire 🔥 accident which is the worst, or u sleep and you are gone from there. Are people dumb 🙄. You all have forgotten so soon that we are going to die one day. We all cannot escape from it naaaaa. Because it a DEPT we are all owning. So if u are wishing others death u might die before the person, because u are not his/her creator to dictate when he or she will die.

Many Nigerians or people should wake up from their dream. Dis is not our home we all going back one day. Where is our great fathers ? They are all gone. People should stop judging and accept people the way they are. If I go to hell fire when I die pls is it your hell fire ? Y not mind ur business and be good to people so that u won’t go to hell fire too. Crazy ass holes

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