April 14, 2021

A Nigerian man who’s a chef, Ayomide has dauntlessly come out of the closet as he shared a video of himself cuddling his topless lover while singing a love song to him.

Ayomide, in his post, shared that he is homosexual and he’s proud of his sexual orientation — he then threw a shade at Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky for denying his sexuality.

 In a series of posts he shared on Instagram, Ayomide wrote,

This will be the best song you’d listen to today:

Kayode – Sideguy – Click Here“I’m boldly coming out as🌈🌈I remove from that shell of afraidThe umbrella🌂🌂stand for queerIt is my lifestyleThe life I choose to live”

“This is real meI’m setting Instagram on fire,🌎🌏I’m not bobrisky still denying being queerThis is real meI’m queer”
“No matter how you are rejected💆💆💆Either family members,relation or friendsRegardless of your sexual orientation

Trust me God did not reject youHe is there to put smile on your faceTo shackle away that mockery,isolation and depression☝👉👈#queer boy#I’m a rainbow🌈🌈”

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