April 14, 2021

Infidelity On The First Night

(Copied from the Facebook page of Cynthia Ify)

I really need advice because right now my head is very hot.

I did my wedding on 14-12-2019.

So after the wedding we lodged in a hotel. When my husband and I entered the room, after bathing, I was expecting him to touch me.

Note, we had never been intimate.
He took an excuse that he needed to buy something and left the hotel room.

I noticed that the water heater wasn’t working, then I went to the reception to lodge a complaint.

One of the Receptionists called me one side, because this same lady had admired me so much when we entered earlier.

She said “please, this is against our ethics but you are too beautiful for this marriage. Your husband is with another woman in room 4”
I said:” are you sure?”

She replied in the affirmative, and said I should go and knock they would think it is a Receptionist because they were yet to take toiletries there.

I knocked and it was my husband’s voice. I almost collapsed.

As he opened the door, I just walked in only to see that my husband was with my kid sister!

My own immediate younger sister. My blood – same father, same mother. I couldn’t control it.

I started shouting, rolling on the floor, crying, as people gathered. They came and were asking questions.

I am back to my house, because I lived alone before the marriage.

He is begging, my sister is also begging me. But I don’t want this marriage again. I am still in shock and serious pain.

I have not had the appetite for food since the incident.

please advice me.

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