September 20, 2021

After many hours of rigorous hunting, a hippopotamus met its death in River Niger, Jebba, Niger state.

The hunt for it allegedly started in the early hours of Wednesday and was killed at about 4pm on Thursday, after six gunshots and numerous arrows.

It was said to have been killed to avert tragedy in the area. Four local boats were destroyed in the process.

See some reactions below:
Abdul Gafaru Salifu So an animal cannot over roamed again in Nigeria abi? It’s a sea goddess … Whoever eat it will remain his tribe and for that matter a Nigerian forever… Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

David Chikills Idiots. Bastards. I wonder why there are no anti-poaching policies in this perverted nation. Bloody zoo.

Reuby Trevor Welcome to Nigeria where all the wild animals are being slaughtered to extinction we are so dumb we pay money to go the zoo to see animals deported from other countries cause we killed ours all up stupid dumb hungry man go get a fucking job and leave this wild beast alone.

Godwin Okeze who na want let hippo run from our country now again……naija pple small tym now na rat una go start to dey chase after all of dem don run finish

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