October 17, 2021

The duo are supposed young high flying entrepreneurs who were being celebrated as flamboyant industrious & touted to be the next generation of multimillionaires in the making. However the bubble has burst and a can of worms has been opened .

A lady whom from her social media handle who for now we will refer to as “Ada”sent out a series of tweets calling out a job owner , Glory Osei ,and her husband, Muyiwa Folorunsho for alleged scam and maltreatment of Staff, customers & partners.



The businesses owned by these two are Pork Money, Divergent, Land Lagos etc. They claim by this lady whose posts triggered a deluge of other angry & revealing posts from various individuals who have either worked with these couple before or have in one way or another dealt with them from a business angle.

Stories emerged of how both of them run scam recruitments, hire unsuspecting young desperate graduates only to subject them to work life hell and fire them unceremoniously without any cogent reason & without pay when they feel like.

They lady allegedly exposed “Landlagos” a real estate firm of selling land running into millions of naira already owned by government to unsuspecting investors who unknown to them are being scammed off their hard earned money. The business owners take the money and don’t pay Govt..who of course in future can then come at any time & reclaim their property leaving the buyer in a big mess.

The sad part is that some well known celebs have posed as Brand ambassadors for these alleged scam businesses unknown to them that they are lending their faces to rogues.

Porkmoney poses as though its making investments for the customer in the Agro Farming sector. The scope is to deliver returns after a specified period to a customer who has made a substantial monetary contribution…but from what we are gathering, the whole thing is a ponzi..when one person pays, the CEO takes the money for his own use…no investment is made, then when the next victim pays another money it is used to pay the initial person & the next is used to pay the Former & so on…

Nothing has been said as per the Authorities stepping in to investigate this claims but for now the general public is warned to deal wisely in the light of these revelations made about this business.

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