February 26, 2021

By Adekunle Adeniyi/TnTv Network

The Federal Government has approved the establishment of ten additional national parks bringing the total number of the national parks In the country to seventeen.

Minister of Environment, Muhammad Mahmood made this know while addressing journalists, in Abuja,Thursday said the creation of additional national parks In Nigeria has become imperative in view of the prevailing effects of climate change across the globe.

According to the minister, it is regrettable that most state owned forest reserves today have become dens of criminal activities, therefore in a bid to add impetus to the current fight against insurgency, the creation of the national parks will provide much needed apparatus to ward off criminal elements living or looking for hide outs in those areas.

Mahmood noted that, Nigeria currently has six point seven percent of total landmass under vegetation cover which is grossly inadequate In line with global best practices adding that,  the creation of the parks will no doubt create more employment opportunities in rural areas. 

Also speaking, Mahmood said,the second wave of Covid 19 pandemic is hitting countries and territories with varying degrees of impact hence the presidential task force on covid 19 has been advocating to Nigerians to observe safety provisions in the protocol for Corona virus disease control in the country. 

He added that, the ministry of Environment has already began terminal environmental decontamination and disinfection of premises where covid 19 cases have been recorded stemming out of requests from such quaters.

The minister however appealed to Nigerians to embrace the safe utilization of decontamination formulations and administration by engaging only licensed environmental health practitioners for disinfection services as an efficient non pharmaceutical Corona control measure.END

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