September 22, 2021

The senate has passed an amendment to section 52 (3) of the electoral act subjecting the electronic transmission of results to Nigerian Communications Commission who must adjudged the procedure adequate and secure TnTv Network exclusively gathered.

Trouble ensued when senator Abdullahi Sabi proposed an amendment to clause 52(3). The clause states that INEC may transmit results by electronic means where and when practicable.

That the commission may transmit results by electronic means provided the network is adjudged to be adequate secured by the Nigerian communications commission. 

The 2021 electoral amendment bill became a subject of controversy when reports surfaced suggesting a removal of the option of electronic transmission of results from section 52(3) of the act. 

While deliberations continue in plenary on the amendments of the electoral act, Nigerians watch with keen interest

Minority leaders challenged the ruling on amendment sought by Senator Sabi Abdullahi

The two standing amendments then prompted a division suggested by Senator Eyinaya Abaribe
(Minority Leader)

Opeyemi Bamidele pointed out that 43% or Nigerians do not have access to the Internet therefore will be difficult of them to exercise their franchise.

More details later….

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