September 22, 2021

Does the size of butt really matter? or is it worth the stress???

American fitness model, Getbodiedbyj who recently went through surgery to get all the silicon injections removed from her fake butt earlier this year, has shared new photos of her flat bum.

The famed personal trainer is sharing the shocking aftermath of some corrective plastic surgery. Jenelle Salazar Butler a.k.a. “Get Bodied By J” previously explained that she’s removing the illegal silicone she previously injected into her butt.

The fitness expert/Insta-model said she went through with the back-alley procedure because she was envious of other women’s curves.

Now, however, J’s showing graphic photos of the aftermath that includes a possible post-surgery infection and she’s encouraging women not to go through with butt shot procedures.

J revealed that the doctor had to cut the silicone out of her muscles and fat and she’s praying she doesn’t have a necrotic infection.

Two days after the surgery, she shared photo and wrote:

If you’re new to my journey & just don’t know what’s going on, This was 2 days after removal of silicone injections & Doc attempt to do reconstruction at same time, I was in surgery for over 6 hours & lost massive amounts of blood & had to get 3 blood transfusions. If you look at the Red/purple area that’s forming in the Center of my Butt That’s where necrosis developed due to LACK of BLOOD FLOW. I did NOT have necrosis or life-threatening issues prior to removal. Necrosis Was then removed on 1/31. ?I received (butt shots/hydrogel injections) back 2010 after experiencing PPD & making a mistake I’ll later came to regret & sought to correct. From this day forward I experienced EVERY single complication that could happen along with nearly dying after surgery. My Hemoglobin was below 5?? Thank you @murrrogers for being with me

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