October 17, 2021

Doctor And His Driver Survive Miraculously After A Tanker Fell And Crushed His Car In The Recent Ojuelegba Accident

A doctor and his driver miraculously survived after his car was crushed when a tanker fell from the Ojuelegba bridge and landed on cars, killing commuters, on June 19, 2018. Professor Olufemi Adetola Fasanmade was one of those affected in the crash. His car was badly crushed. But he and his driver managed to come out alive from the car.

THANK GOD FOR MY DOCTOR AND FRIEND, PROF. Olufemi Adetola Fasanmade who miraculously survived this terrible accident. An articulated vehicle fell on top of his car, crushing it and not him. He and his driver came out of this mangled car with minor injuries. Praise God. Prof. Fasanmade, an endocrinologist and an amiable human being, treats my mother and my family. I recall each time I go visiting him, we discuss the challenges confronting our beleaguered nation. He’s so passionate about this country and will always tell me how he looked forward to the day our country will come out of the woods.
Unlike many doctors who see themselves as next to God, Prof. Fasanmade is approachable and is also ready to help at the shortest notice. He can diagnose and prescribe medicine for you in an emergency without asking for a deposit. On many occasions and in crisis situations, he has had to come to my mother’s aid even without seeing her. Once she’s stabilised, he’d ask that I bring her to the hospital for him to see and follow up.

You can imagine my excitement when I learnt he was the one in this car which was crushed by a careless articulated vehicle driver. I am so overjoyed that I’m sharing this post in celebration of a miraculous survival of my dear friend. I am so happy that he’s alive and well and will continue to provide healthcare to the people who rely on him in a country where healthcare provision is a tall dream. Please join me in thanking God for their survival. May God’s name be praised. Amen.

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