October 22, 2021

A young Indonesian couple accused of extramarital sex were dragged into the street by a furious mob, who poured buckets of sewage over them as ‘punishment’.

Shocking video footage shows the couple crouched down next to an open sewer while member of the mob fills bucket after bucket, pouring the contents over them.

The incident took place in Langsa, a city in Indonesia’s Aceh province, where local Islamic Sharia law forbids sex before marriage.

The couple, reportedly in their 30s have only been identified by their initials TSF and DK. TSF is reportedly the head of Langsa city’s Regional Development Planning Board, and the woman in the video his employee.

The local Islamic Sharia Agency Heaf, Ibrahim Latif, told reporters: ‘So the culprit (TSF) often went to the house of the woman, according to locals.

‘Maybe, after a long time of peeping on them, the locals got angry because they were deemed to have engaged in immoral acts.

‘The locals were angry because when the couple was interrogated they could not keep their answers straight. It has become a norm in villages like that.’

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