October 17, 2021

DG NEMA Charges Staff on Preparedness, Effective Responses During Disaster

By Adekunle Adeniyi/TnTv Network

The Director General National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)Air- Vice Marshal Muhammadu Muhammed has called on staff and management of the Emergency Response Agency to work together and up their game especially at the modus operandi in pursuance of the Agency’s mandate.

AVM DG, Mohammadu Mohammed with Top Mgt Staff of NEMA

The new Director General made the call during the first  management meeting with the Directors of NEMA.
He said;”It is very important that we all need to join hands to take critical look at our modus operandi in pursuance of our mandate. At this point we must get back to the drawing board because like Spencer Kimball said  ” Preparedness, when properly pursued is a way of life and not a sudden spectacular program ” most importantly if we fail to prepare, then we have undoubtedly prepared to fail.

Despite steps and actions taken by people or states little can be done to avert the occurrences of this disasters. The important thing is to effectively respond and mitigate the effect of disasters once they occur. In practical terms, disaster management will seek to mobilize resources of all relevant bodies and organizations, national or international towards preparedness, prevention, mitigation, emergency response and recovery. The coordination of this entire process for effective response is our mandate and make no mistakes about it.”

The retired Vice Marshal Muhammad further assured that the Agency will equip staff with the requisite knowledge through trainings to ensure they give the best whenever called upon.
“I am aware that for us as an agency to achieve this, so much is expected and required of us while we will  also require a lot support, motivation and guidance. It is on this note that we will as much as possible to equip our staff with the requisite knowledge through trainings to ensure they give the best whenever called upon. It has been stated, ” Successful emergency management relies upon experience and expertise”. Consequently, while we can not stop the natural disasters, we can arm ourselves with knowledge and reasonable level of disaster preparedness so that not so many lives would be lost.

 It is common knowledge that since the dawn of history, human beings have continued to contend with the catastrophes which cause large-scale damages to both human lives and the social economic systems of communities, societies and nations. These extreme events come in many forms and cause gross human casualties, economic and social losses,environmental degradation and general disruption of how the society functions. While the world is grappling with the management of all the already existing disasters, the current pervading COVID-19 global pandemic has made the situation even worse.

This is the scenario we are truly currently confronted with.”      
 He however thanked the board and management of NEMA and other agencies on the front line for their unwaivering support, encouraging them to not relent.
     “At this junction, let me recognize and appreciate all other government agencies, private entities, individuals and NGOs that have worked closely with NEMA in actualization of its mandate. As you are all aware our nation is battling with various forms of challenges arising from various disasters both natural and man-made, that have plagued our nation in all geopolitical regions, let me encourage you that it is time to further deepen our relationship and tie to better the outcomes for humanity in disaster management.”

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