September 22, 2021

Depression is bad. Not all that are smiling are happy. Some are smiling to forget some pain.
From my little survey, I noticed that most people that committed suicide were people , everyone knew them as entertainers. They are always jovial. Deep down , depression is killing them. It can be of personal origin or family problems. Their problem keep decaying because everyone around them see them as good models and are enjoying. Their compliant looks like a lie. Nobody understands that they too need help.

When they commit suicide, care starts coming. Please, depression kills. When someone is passing through depression, may be heart break, don’t worsen it with your medicine after death advice that is rather judgemental.


Where were you with your advice when they are about to cross the Rubicon? When people, that were mean, suddenly turn to a comedian, it is not good life in most cases. They are trying to mask depression.

Come close to them and ask them, the same person that was laughing will start crying. Let us be a crying shoulder to our neighbors. There is a time in life we just need to cry and be consoled. At that time, depression is been abated hence removing the thought of suicide.

Chiwetalu Ferdinand Jnr

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