April 14, 2021

The United States President Donald Trump has said that he would continue court cases challenging the victory of Joe Biden in the 2020 US presidential election.

This is as Trump finally accepted to allow a transition of power to his potential successor, Joe Biden after two weeks of grandstanding,

The president’s tweet came amid reports by local media that the General Services Administration has determined Biden to be the winner of the November 3 presidential election.

Donald Trump, President of the United States

In his tweet on Tuesday, Trump said he advised the agency to start the process because he did not want Murphy, her family, and employees of the GSA to continue to suffer harassment and abuse.

The president, who is in court challenging the election results in key battleground states, said his case would continue, and refused to concede defeat.

He tweeted, “What does GSA being allowed to preliminarily work with the Dems have to do with continuing to pursue our various cases on what will go down as the most corrupt election in American political history?

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