October 17, 2021
Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakaky will today depart Nigeria through the Abuja International airport to India, Daily Trust has reliably gathered. Zakzaky departs with his wife, Zeenat for the Medenta Hospital, New Delhi, India for medical treatment.
A source within the IMN in Kaduna told our correspondent that the IMN leader is already in Abuja and waiting to be flown to India along with DSS personnel by a privatly chatered aircraft. It could be recalled that a Kaduna state High court granted Zakzaky and his wife medical leave to undergo treatment at an Indian hospital of their choice.
The court ordered that they been released to go to the hospital and return for the continuation of their trail after their discharge from the hospital. The stat government however appealed this order in another state high court and gave a seven conditions for which the applicants will be allowed to go for treatment. Some of the conditions include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria shall confirm the appointments of the defendants/applicants with the Medanta Hospital, India, and undertake all necessary diplomatic arrangements and protocols to ensure compliance with the conditions of the medical leave.

“Each of the defendants/applicants shall undertake to return to Nigeria to continue their trial as soon as they are discharged from the hospital, and shall also be responsible for the cost of their travel, treatment and living expenses while on their medical leave.
“Each of the defendants/applicants shall produce two prominent and reliable persons as sureties, one being a first class chief/emir of national repute and the other a prominent person within Kaduna State who shall undertake to produce the defendants whenever they are needed. The sureties must also produce evidence of landed property within Kaduna State.” It is however not clear if the IMN leader meet the state governments conditions before his departure or not.

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