July 27, 2021

Greg Manteufel had to have his limbs amputated through the knee after the germ, called capnocytophaga, saw him develop sepsis and lose all circulation to his lower legs.

His wife Dawn told Fox 6 how the father initially mistook the illness for flu, saying: ‘It hit him with a vengeance. Just bruising all over him.

Greg Manteufel lost both legs through his knees after being licked by his pet pit bull (Picture: Fox 6)
He was infected with the bacteria capnocytophaga, which saw him develop sepsis, and also lose much of his nose (Picture: Fox 6)

‘Looked like somebody beat him up with a baseball bat.

‘It took a week and they were taking his legs.

Dawn, of West Bend, Wi., added: ‘We can’t wrap our heads around it that all of the sudden, he’s 48 years old and been around dogs all of his life… and this happens.

‘That’s all he kept saying to the doctors – “Take what you need but keep me alive.”

‘And they did it. Surprisingly enough, they did do it.’

The infection, which Manteufel contract in late June, is believed to have been passed on by his pet pit bull.

Manteufel with his pet pit bull. Medics say it is a ‘fluke’ that he managed to become infected with capnocytophaga despite not being bitten (Picture: Fox 6)

He was not bitten by the animal, with medics saying it is rare for a person to fall victim to such an infection when they haven’t been bitten.

Culled from Metro

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