July 31, 2021

Gospel music fans in Abuja were at the weekend treated to an evening of fun and excitement at a Meet and Greet night while a budding American gospel artist, Bruce Baker threw music lovers who gathered at the Porch Omega Events Arena, Maitama, into frenzy with an exhilarating performance to their admiration.

The colorful evening which was well attended by Abuja’s A-list gospel artists, dance performers, On-Air Personalities, OAPs, music enthusiasts, socialites, and the media was full of frenzy, excitement, interaction, spiced with plenty of sumptuous meals and drinks for every attendee.

Speaking with Nigerian Pilot on the sideline of the event, the American gospel lyricist said the evening was an avenue to celebrate music, meet with fans and other artists in the industry.

Performing one of hit singles along with others on the night, Baker said the songs were taken from his past and also his future.

“This is my first single released as a non-lyricist. When the Holy Spirit told me to write music for myself this time, instead of creating sounds for people to purchase, I said God, it’s a privilege because I’m so used to writing songs for other artistes.

“I said now it’s my turn and time, I’m going to create music in the universal and my voice is going to be heard,” baker stated.

On the choice of Abuja in lieu of Lagos for such an event, the gospel singer said the choice of Abuja was inspired by the Holy Spirit and this has been confirmed as everything has so far unfolded as planned.

“The Holy Spirit is not leading me to Lagos, not to any other country in Africa except Abuja. Why Abuja, I don’t know yet but so far, God has already shown me that I’m on the right path because everything that I put in my hands to do is just unfolding.

With a worsened pedigree of drug addiction and suicidal attempts, and living with parents diagnosed with terminal sickness, the American gospel-rock artist said his foray into music was driven by his past.

“I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to approach the canvass of paper with my pen to tell my story so that when people hear my music, they not only feel it, they can relate to it, they can receive inspiration and hope,” Baker said.

With over 15 tracks and an upcoming album to his credit, Baker is set to launch a glowing global career in the gospel music industry with Nigeria as the launching pad.

The gospel-rock artist who already has a duet with some Nigerian A-list gospel artists like Samsong is looking forward to more collabos with the likes of Eben and Pst. Elijah Oyelade in the nearest future.

The artist who wears a unique dreadlock as his identity said he started his lock the first day he gave his life to the Lord Jesus.

Baker has only been in Nigeria for the past two weeks, though he had visited on three other occasions, he could be seen completely overwhelmed with love showered on him by Nigerians and the wide acceptance of his music.

The obviously elated American dude said, “Oh my God, the love here is awesome. It’s like supernatural love. Everyone is wonderful, the support here is phenomenal.

“That’s what I tell people that when you travel to Africa, Nigeria, expect to receive 100 percent love that is genuine. When I say it’s genuine, it is 100 percent.”

Speaking further, Baker said he was shocked to see that Nigeria is the exact opposite of what he has heard and read about the country.

“Every speculation and lie that I ever heard is false, Nigeria is totally the opposite of what people told me, the opposite of what I saw on television, and experienced in the classroom, it is totally different.

“Nigeria is rich, it is the black home, the black power and that is what we need to see more in America,” he said.

The American lyricist who claimed he has adopted Nigeria as his second home said that he was ready to take a new story of Nigeria back to American and the rest of the world.

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