April 17, 2021

32 Universities To Leverage On Science To Tackle Collateral Impacts of Covid-19~NUC

Adekunle Adeniyi/TnTv Network

As the world awaits the knowledge system to bring forth vaccines and drugs to save humanity from the pandemic currently ravaging most parts of the world.

The National University Commission says about thirty two Federal, state and private universities are working towards tackling direct and collateral impacts of Covid-19 on development using science, technology and innovation as tool.

The Deputy Executive Secretary Academics NUC, Prof Sulieman Yusuf revealed this on Tuesday at a media briefing in Abuja on the contribution of the Nigerian University System in mitigating the impacts of covid-19.

Prof. Suleiman Yusuf (Deputy Executive Secretary Academics NUC)

Yusuf said the pandemic has challenged the country’s knowledge system, which has proved inadequate and insufficiently robust enough to respond to the corona virus, he said only few laboratories has continued with research and development activities.

The Deputy Executive Secretary further stressed that Nigeria needs to develop homegrown capabilities in the production and also manufacture products of the most basic medical and pharmaceutical products , such as PPEs , hand washing accessories and ventilators.

It is expected that if Nigeria and Africa as a whole adopts progressive development policies that emphasize the promotion of homegrown innovations to bedrock the country industrialization strategy, it will ultimately create sustainable societies.

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